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On Farm Semen Collection Information

Semen collection can be carried out on your farm. 

We can do single bulls or mobs of bulls for testing for sale, pre mating checking or for processing their semen into straws for AI use or insurance.

The facilities that are required are any set of Cattle yards or Cow shed.  We can work in nearly all facilities that you would normally use to work your cattle.

We prefer to use an in season cow/heifer of comparable size to the bull for collections as this makes it easier, for us, the bull, and the cow/heifer.

If an in season cow/heifer is not available, then a quiet female will be required for collecting.  If the cow and bull are moderately quite, and the cow is on heat, we tend not to restrain the cow.  We get them into a smallish yard and walk around with them to collect the semen.  This makes the job quick and easy for us all.

To enable us to check the quality of the semen and to start the initial processing, if you require semen to be frozen, we will need a dry covered area with power.  This is ideal but not essential as some yards do not have power available. We can work around any cow shed or yard but we will need notice if you do not have power available at the site.


Restrictions for on farm collected semen

This semen can be sold but its movement is restricted.

It can not go to Ambreed or LIC and this includes their technicians tanks.

If you, or the person you are selling the semen to, have an on farm tank or use a private technician, then we are able to send the semen to you and to them. 

We are able to send the semen to Xcell in Kaiapoi and Animal Breeding Services in Hamilton as these centres also store on farm collected semen.

With enough notice, we are able to offer you the use of one of our loan tanks for your AI program if you do not have your own.


This photo shows the ability to collect semen from a group of rising 2 year old bulls for evaluation in a large yard.  The steel bail (that we bring with us) is bolted to the rails of your yard and can be put up and down quickly and easily.  The cow/heifer is only restrained by a halter tied to the post. This yard is appropriate for large groups of bulls but we do prefer to use a smaller yard for lesser numbers of bulls if available.
This wooden bail is easily made and is a permanent fixture on this farm.
This is usually done were we are going back to the farm on a regular basis for testing bulls or collecting the bulls for processing of their semen into straws.
The wooden bail in use collecting semen from yearling bulls.
The quiet yearling heifer in the bail is on heat and is restrained with a halter tied to the rail.
This is how close we get to the action!

Being this close enables us to examine the penis and to ensure that there isn’t any damage to the penis and that there are no scars or injuries that could cause future mating problems.



On Farm semen collection for processing

$6.00 per straw frozen
$100.00 is charged if no freezable semen is collected.
Travel.  We try and organise our runs so that the travel component can be shared.

Bull Evaluations

Please contact the office for current prices.

On Centre semen collection

Please contact the office for current prices.

On farm health testing costs are at your cost. This cost varies from vet to vet. I suggest you talk to your local vet about the charges for on farm health testing.


Semen and embryo storage is charged out in arrears annually in February.

We do not hold insurance for semen and embryos.  It is stored here at your risk.  If you require insurance for storage, then please notify us, or your insurance company, of your requirements prior to the semen/embryos arriving at the Centre.

.80 cents per straw per year or minimum charge $70.00 per year.

$800.00 unit maintenance if you own your own On Centre storage tank.

$2.00 per embryo per year or minimum charge $70.00 per year.

All prices exclude GST, are current as of July 2019 and are subject to change without notification.