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Storage and Despatch

Tararua Breeding Centre can meet your storage and despatch requirements.

We have a large storage facility for both licensed and unlicensed semen and tanks.  We can maintain your storage tank throughout the season and arrange distribution both locally and internationally.

Semen storage .80 cents per straw per year or minimum charge $70.00 per year.

Embryo storage $2.00 per embryo per year or minimum charge $70.00 per year.

Unit Maintenance $800.00 per year if you own your own On Centre storage tank.


Despatch Costs

Local despatch $60.00

International despatch $150.00

Liquid Nitrogen $7.00 per litre

Freight at cost

Unit hire $5.00 per day or weekly hire $35.00 per week

All prices exclude GST, are current as of July 2019 and are subject to change without notification.

We do not hold insurance for semen and embryos.  It is stored here at your risk.  If you require insurance for storage then please notify us, or your insurance company of your requirements prior to the semen/embryos arriving at the Centre.